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Lower Back Pain

Low Back Pain Treatment in Vancouver

If you're suffering from low back pain in Vancouver, your overall quality of life may be similarly low. The large muscles, vertebrae, spinal discs and nerve roots in this area can generate disabling discomfort once they experience degenerative changes, acute injuries or chronic musculoskeletal misalignment. Many low back patients suffer in silence because they're afraid to take massive amounts of painkillers or risk major surgery. Thankfully, you can get safe, non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical back pain relief from our skilled team of conservative care practitioners at Back & Neck Chiropractic & Sports Massage in Vancouver.

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The Lowdown on Low Back Pain

If it's any consolation, your aching lower back is in good company. An astounding 84 percent of the world's population has trouble with back pain sooner or later, prompting over 3 million emergency room visits each year in the U.S. alone. But low back pain can have many different causes, such as:

  • Acute injuries

Any serious jolt to the spine can cause the lumbar spinal structures to lose their alignment. An auto accident injury or work injury, for example, can strain the spinal joints and produce herniated discs in the lower back. A herniated disc is not only painful in its own right; it can also push against the roots of the sciatic nerve, causing low back pain, leg pain and other common sciatica symptoms. Strained muscles in the lower back can clench up into spasms, leaving you in constant pain.

  • Degenerative ailments

Chronic low back pain (lasting more than 12 weeks) may stem from a degenerative spinal condition, especially in older individuals. One prime example is degenerative disc disease, in which dehydrated discs cause the spine to lose height, causing joint pain. A narrowing of the bony spinal canal called spinal stenosis can also cause pain by pressing on nerve tissue. An untreated spinal misalignment can also lead to chronic lumbar strain and nerve impingement.

Chiropractic Adjustment, Acupuncture and Other Natural Therapies

Either Vancouver chiropractor on our team, Dr. Pettet or Dr. Jeffrey Melin, can discover the cause of your low back pain through a detailed spinal evaluation. Chiropractic adjustments can restore normal disc and joint position in the spinal column. Our acupuncturist, Michael Prevec, can complement this conservative healing technique with acupuncture. Acupuncture provides drug-free pain relief by increasing the production of endorphins, the painkilling substances made by your own body. In addition to chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture, your chiropractor may prescribe massage therapy to relax muscle spasms and help damaged lumbar muscles heal. Physical therapy may then be recommended to help you build strong lower back muscles and maintain the proper alignment.

Call Our Vancouver Clinic for Low Back Pain Relief

Now that you know the natural way to rid yourself of low back pain, don't live with that suffering any longer. Contact our Vancouver clinic at 360-253-6674 to talk to our chiropractors and acupuncturist!

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