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Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Adjustment as a Vital Element of Pediatric Care in Vancouver

If you always thought of chiropractic care as a treatment method mainly suitable for arthritic senior citizens or injured athletes, you might be surprised to learn that it is equally effective at protecting the health and wellness of all age groups -- including children. Spinal screenings, periodic adjustments and wellness counseling from a chiropractor can help your child enjoy optimal growth, development and comfort. That's why both Dr. Pettet and Dr. Melin are happy to provide pediatric services here at Back & Neck Care Chiropractic.

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A child's body faces musculoskeletal and neurological challenges from the very first moments, including the birth trauma itself. Even a healthy normal delivery compresses the body, potentially creating subluxation (misalignment) in the spinal column and other joints. These congenital alignment issues can impair growth and development during childhood and even cause problems that linger well into adulthood.

How Our Vancouver Chiropractor Can Help

Gentle, careful adjustments by our pediatric chiropractor at Back & Neck Care Chiropractic can optimize even a newborn's spinal alignment, setting the stage for normal nerve function and physical development. But even the straightest alignment may not stay perfect for long. Babies, toddlers and young children put their bodies through a lot of jolts, bumps, falls and other impacts as they start to crawl, walk, run and play. This can throw the body out of balance and interfere with normal nerve signaling -- which in turn can make your child prone to all kinds of ailments, from asthma and earaches to colic and constipation. A faulty nervous system may even contribute to learning disorders such as ADHD. That's why we recommend regular spinal screenings to look for any little misalignments that might progress into big problems, correcting them chiropractic adjustment as needed.

As your child gets older, he may have even more need of pediatric care from his chiropractor at our clinic. Contact sports, for instance, introduce the potential for injuries during daily practices or weekly games. Even the daily treks to and from school can cause alignment problems, thanks to the heavy books kids are required to carry in their backpacks. Our team can perform wellness evaluations every school year to make sure your child is ready for these challenges, while also providing useful advice on how to back and carry a backpack safely. Last but not least, regular spinal screenings can alert us to presence of scoliosis, an issue that usually makes its first appearance during the school-age years. The sooner we detect scoliosis, the earlier we can counsel you on whether treatment is needed and what forms it should take.

Your Source for Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Vancouver

Back & Neck Care Chiropractic can serve as your source for pediatric chiropractic care in Vancouver even as we enhance the health and wellness of every other member of your family. Contact 360-253-6674 today to learn more about our pediatric care and schedule a consultation!

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