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Vancouver, Washington, Massage Therapy Helps Patients Heal and Thrive

Massage therapy is recommended by our chiropractor, Dr. Michael Pettet, to the majority of our patients here because of its wide-ranging health Vancouver massage therapy for pain relief and wellness benefits. Not only is it great for pain management of chronic neck and back pain and injuries, it is very helpful for athletes preparing for, or recovering from competition. Our patients that participate in athletic events like the Hood to Coast, Portland & Vancouver Marathons, to name a few, love to come in for our Sports Massage Specialists to prime their performance before and after the event.

The benefits of massage extend from natural pain relief and injury recovery into stress relief. Nearly 75 to 90 percent of people visit their doctors for help with conditions that are severely exacerbated by stress: this includes heart disease and high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes, depression, decreased immune function, headaches and many others. Its ability to reduce stress and promote healing naturally makes massage an excellent overall treatment for just about everyone.

Vancouver, WA, Chiropractor Offers Massage Therapy to Fit Your Needs

While our chiropractor recommends massage therapy to many of his patients, he understands that each patient's needs are unique. He works with our massage therapist to customize a plan that includes the type of massage that most directly addresses each patient's condition. Whether a patient needs help with pain management for chronic back pain, help with a soft tissue injury, stress relief, or athletic massage, we can help. Because of massage's ability to stimulate endorphin production, it is an excellent natural pain reliever that comes with a host of benefits.

For people who are struggling to overcome a painful injury, massage therapy is enormously helpful. While producing painkilling endorphins, it also relieves painful musculoskeletal tensions and rushes circulation to the injury site. This makes the body more receptive to therapeutic exercises and spinal adjustments that may be part of the treatment plan. Recent scientific research has also detailed how massage can arrest the body's inflammatory responses at the cellular level in injured, overworked muscles. All of these things can accelerate recovery and Portland massage therapy for pain managementhealing. Massage therapy has also been shown to stimulate and tone the immune system to help cut down on illness and infections.

Our Vancouver, WA chiropractor also helps many athletes enjoy the benefits of massage therapy, which can be helpful both before and after training or competitions. In preparation for an athletic competition, massage can help an athlete both mentally and physically: the stress-relief abilities of massage help provide mental focus, while physically, it keeps the muscles limber to reduce the risk of injury. The increased circulation to the muscles also naturally enhances an athlete's performance by giving them more fuel and energy. After competition or injury, massage reduces inflammation, stiffness and pain, which accelerates the recovery time so that the athlete has as little downtime between training and competitions as possible.

Dr. Pettet and our massage therapist will work with each patient on their individual needs for massage so they can get the most out of each session. We invite you to call us today at 360-253-6674 to schedule an appointment!

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