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Holiday Eating Tips From Our Vancouver Chiropractor

The holiday season presents plenty of opportunity for weight gain, from cookie exchanges to extra treats in the break room at your office. To avoid weight gain during the holiday season, you'll have to be extra diligent about what and when you eat. If you need further assistance keeping your weight under control, make an appointment to discuss diet and wellness at Back & Neck Chiropractic & Sports Massage in Vancouver, Washington, just across the river from Portland, Oregon.


Our Chiropractor Advises to Eat Regularly

Although you may be presented with a number of buffets and all-you-can eat situations during the holiday season, your best bet for maintaining your weight is to eat as you normally would. Don't skip breakfast or lunch, thinking that will help you reduce your calorie intake. If you are hungry come party time, you will be more likely to overeat than if you have a healthy, light meal beforehand.

Keep Healthy Foods in Mind Says Chiropractor

Load up your plate with fresh vegetables and fruit during the holiday season. Aim to eat at least 4 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, including at parties. If a buffet is offered, fill at least half your plate with vegetables instead of foods that are higher in fat and calories. Pick up the smaller sized plate from the buffet table to limit the amount you can eat.

Choose foods that are naturally lower in calories. A piece of fruit will satisfy your sweet tooth, but is much lower in calories than a piece of fudge or a slice of pie. Water has zero calories, significantly less than a glass of soda or wine. Choose zero-calorie sparkling or seltzer water for a more festive beverage.

Nutritious and healthful eating, even during the holiday season, is a key part of pain management and overall wellness. For chiropractic and overall care, talk to our Vancouver chiropractor for more tips and advice.

How do you plan on keeping the weight off this holiday season?

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