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Vancouver Chiropractor Shares Secrets for Back Pain Prevention

Nearly every American experiences an episode of back pain at least once in their lives. Without proper care, however, this pain can become a chronic problem. Our chiropractor Dr. Michael Pettet is dedicated to helping patients find long-lasting Vancouver back pain relief without the need for medication or surgeries. The best way to relieve back pain, however, is to prevent it in the first place.

5 Tips to Prevent Back Pain

1. Practice good posture. If you spend long hours hunched over a computer, your lower back, shoulders and neck will feel the strain. Adjust your chair so you can comfortably sit with your feet on the ground and your lower back supported. Position your computer, phone and other office necessities so they are easily reached on your desk. During the day, take a break from working; stretch your hands over your head or behind your back to release tension.


2. Support your spine while sleeping. If you are a side sleeper, placing a pillow in between your knees can help to support your lumbar spine. Otherwise, the lower back will compress in on itself. If you sleep on your back, elevate your calves with a small pillow for added support.

3. Build a stronger core. Together, your abdominal muscles and lower back muscles help support your body. Core strengthening exercises, Pilates and yoga build a strong foundation. If you suffer from pain in the lower back, choose low impact exercises like swimming or cycling; youll improve cardio endurance without straining your back muscles.

4. Lift from the legs, not the back. When lifting heavy objects, use your legs to support the weight, rather than your lower back. Bend at the knees and slowly rise. Never attempt to carry loads that are too heavy.

5. Maintain proper alignment. Prevent pain before it strikes by maintaining proper spinal alignment with regular chiropractic adjustments. Regular adjustments are an important part of proactive wellness care. Massage therapy can also help release tension trapped deep within the fascia, which helps prevent back spasms.

Has chiropractic care helped your manage back pain?

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