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Looking for Natural Pain Relief? Massage Therapy is Here to Help


Taking medication or resting can help mask the symptoms of pain, but treating the root causes of that pain requires more effective chiropractic care tools like massage therapy. Using massages to target areas in the neck and back affected by injuries or strain reduces pain and promotes healing.

Each person has unique needs when recovering from chronic pain or injury. Massage offers natural benefits that range from pain relief to stress relief. It also stimulates endorphin production, which mutes signals sent to nerves that cause pain. Our chiropractor in Vancouver, WA works in tandem with our massage therapist to tailor a pain management plan for each patient's specific condition.

How Massage Therapy Can Offer Relief

Massages work hand in hand with chiropractic care to give you natural pain relief. Our chiropractor in Vancouver, WA, Dr. Pettet, offers this form of therapy because it is safer than medication. It does not carry a risk of dependency or addiction, and it still manages to provide real pain relief results.

Massaging injured areas can relieve tension and stress in your body. This enhances the effectiveness of corrective exercises and spinal adjustments in eliminating pain thanks to reduced inflammation and improved circulation. Repairing soft tissue injuries and alleviating chronic pain only happens when stress in injured areas is reduced, and massage accomplishes that goal.

If you're an athlete recovering from an injured joint or muscle, a sports massage can be an important part of the whole physical therapy package. Even if you’re not injured, remember that massage offers both mental and physical benefits when you’re healthy. A sports massage can make stiff muscles relax and boost energy to reduce the risks of injury during athletic competition.

If you have been injured in an auto accident or suffered a slip-and-fall accident, massages are a good tool for improving how sore muscles and soft tissues feel. Your body can accelerate the healing process and get you back on your feet and living an active lifestyle again in no time.

Have you used massage therapy to treat an injury? What were the results?

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