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Understanding Sciatica: Causes and Treatment Options

Our Vancouver Chiropractor Is Your Source for Sciatica Care


by Dr. Michael Pettet

Have you been experiencing low back accompanied with sharp pain down the back of your legs, along with numbness, burning, or tingling? If so, our Vancouver chiropractor can determine if you are experiencing sciatica related pain. At our Vancouver chiropractic clinic, Back and Neck Care Chiropractic, we will determine the cause of your back pain and develop a personalized plan to help you become pain free.

Exploring Causes & Treatment for Sciatica in Vancouver

Sciatica occurs when the lumbar nerve becomes irritated, and is usually the result of a herniated disc pinching the nerve. The lumbar nerve can become compressed at any point in the lumbar region and cause inflammation; a pinched nerve is most commonly accompanied by pain or discomfort in the buttocks and down the backs of the legs. You are also likely to experience burning, numbness or tingling, shooting pains that make standing difficult, and continued pain on one side of the buttocks.

Our Vancouver chiropractor, Dr. Pettet, knows that everyone's circumstances are special and unique. He will conduct a thorough exam to determine the degree of herniation you are experiencing. After your exam, our Vancouver chiropractic team offers non-invasive, surgery free options to help reduce your sciatica. Routine adjustments help realign the spine to remove pressure on the sciatic nerve. At your visit to our Vancouver chiropractor, we will also discuss ergonomic work station options or identify lifestyle habits that may be contributing to your experience of discomfort. We may also prescribe at home therapeutic exercises to practice between your visits.

Do you have questions about whether your recreational activities or occupational status is contributing to your low back pain and possibly sciatica? If you are experiencing sciatica, we look forward to helping you become pain free and answering all of your questions at a visit soon.

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