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4 Passive Stretches for Large Muscles

4 Passive Stretches for Large Muscles


Passive large muscle stretches are static stretches that do not involve any bouncing or movement while performing the stretch.

Spine Twist

4 Passive Stretches for Large MusclesThe spine twist stretches the lower back and is one of the best large muscle stretches for the back. To perform this exercise lie on the floor and move one leg across your body until it is perpendicular with the rest of your body. Hold this position for three to five seconds. When finished, roll onto your other side and perform the stretch with your other leg.

Back Extension

The back extension stretches the abdominals and front of the neck. To perform this stretch, lay on your stomach. Slowly lift your upper body with your arms as if you were a seal. Make sure you keep your feet, legs and hips firmly against the floor. Hold this position for several seconds.

Sitting Hamstring

The sitting hamstring is also performed on the floor. To perform this exercise, extend one leg straight in front of you and gently reach forward. You should attempt to grab your calf, ankle or foot, whichever is most comfortable. Hold this position for between three and five seconds. Then, switch to the other leg. This exercise thoroughly stretches your hamstrings.

Body Stretches for Shoulders

To adequately stretch your shoulders, you will need to perform two body stretches. The first stretch is the overhead shoulder. During this stretch, raise your arm above your head and drop your hand until it is next to your back. Gently pull your elbow across the back of your head until you feel the stretch. Hold this position for several seconds before switching to the other arm.

The last stretch is the posterior shoulder stretch. For this stretch, place one arm straight across your chest. Use your other hand or forearm to gently press your elbow into your chest. Hold this position for several seconds then stretch the other arm.

How often do you perform body stretches to maintain your flexibility and to reduce the chances of muscle injuries?

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