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What Causes Back Pain?

What Causes Back Pain? 

The back is an intricate structure made up of muscles and vertebrae supported by nerves, tendons, joints, and ligaments. Back pain is most commonly caused by minor injuries, strains, sprains, and irritated nerve endings. It can be triggered by bad posture or everyday activities such as lifting, standing, or sitting awkwardly.


Who is Prone to Getting Back Pain?

Everyone has back pain at some point of their lives, but some individuals are more prone to getting back pain than others. Age is a big risk factor for back pain, in fact between the ages of 30 and 40 back pain is quite common. Back pain is very common among individuals who are not physically fit because they have weak back muscles. Pregnant women often suffer back pain especially during the later stages of their pregnancy. Working long hours at a desk or having to lift, pull, push, or twist at work can cause severe back pain.  

Stress can lead to stiffness and strain of neck and back muscles causing back pain. Individuals who are overweight carry a lot of weight on their spine and that often leads to back pain. Smoking is known to reduce blood flow into the lower part of the spine and causes degeneration of the spinal discs. Back pain can also be caused by weakened bones due to long-term use of certain prescriptions such as corticosteroids. Those who suffer from depression are often prone to suffering from chronic back pain. Individuals who have cancers or arthritis can also experience having back pain.

Dealing with Back Pain

If you’re suffering from back pain and you’re looking for Chiropractic treatment in Vancouver, WA, give us a call (360)253-6674 or visit our website at http://pettetchiro.com and schedule an appointment. One of our experienced Chiropractor can diagnose and treat your back pain, helping you get back to your day to day routine in no time!

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