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What is Pinched Nerve

Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve

When you are in pain from a pinched nerve, you may experience a number of symptoms. If pain is radiating down your spine, into your limbs, or you feel a tingling sensation as if your muscles have fallen asleep, it is likely that you have a pinched nerve. A trip to your chiropractor is in order to help you find relief from the pinched nerve, which can cause you problems sleeping and intense pain if left untreated.


Chiropractic Care for a Pinched Nerve

If you live in Fishers Landing, Salmon Creek, Vancouver, WA and nearby Portland, we are ready to help you recover from a pinched nerve. Chiropractic care can help restore your back to alignment, a leading cause of pinched nerves. When your vertebrae are not lined up properly, they can cause pressure on the discs between your vertebrae. Once your spine is adjusted, this takes pressure off the disc, which in turn takes pressure off of the nerves that are pinched. With rest, ice, massage therapy and several chiropractic adjustments, you should be able to fully recover from a pinched nerve.

If you are dealing with the pain associated with a pinched nerve, it's time to give our office a call for a full assessment. It is possible to treat a pinched nerve through spinal manipulation, acupuncture, massage and other natural treatments, without the use of pain medications. If you are experiencing severe pain, we will take a thorough medical history, and possibly take x-rays to determine what is wrong with your spine.

There are times when a pinched nerve is caused by a bulging or herniated disc. While the treatment is the same, you may need surgical repair if your disc has ruptured to the point of no longer functioning correctly in your back. The pain associated with a pinched nerve can be debilitating. If you believe you have a pinched nerve, give us a call at 360-523-7424 and we will take a careful look and create a solid treatment plan.

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