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Meet Danielle Phelps

Meet Danielle Phelps, Back & Neck Care Chiropractic's Health and Wellness Coach!

Danielle Phelps is a Health and Wellness Coach in Vancouver

Hi, my name is Danielle Phelps! I earned a Bachelors in Kinesiology with a focus on Athletic Training at Washington State University in 2011. As a certified personal trainer and wellness coach I am passionate about helping people regain their strength in health, wellness and feeling great again. When ready to make a lifestyle change, there are many ways to get started, it can be very overwhelming. With many years of experience, I have found that gradual changes are most beneficial and everlasting when improving your quality of life through exercise, health, and nutrition. Your training sessions are completed at a pace that is comfortable for you but also gets the results you want. Together we design a program that you enjoy and can do on a daily basis to relieve muscle tension, promote circulation and give you your desired strength to do the activities you love. Once we get you pain free and feeling new, the options are limitless! Looking to improve your golf game? Run in a mud run this summer? Play with your grandkids on the floor? Participate in an activity you haven’t been able to do in years? I am here to help!

My passion for helping people came at a young age. My mom, as a nurse went to catch someone falling out of a wheel chair that ended up causing nerve damage to her neck.  Having a family member that was in constant pain gave me firsthand experience on how one incident can cause a downward spiral effect on health and wellness. Through nutrition, exercise, and improving mobility we can redevelop proper posture and balance throughout the body, thus relieving the body of any pain and malalignments. The body is such an incredible thing, using a holistic approach we give the body the tools it needs to repair and heal! It is my mission to help you be pain free and feeling like you can accomplish anything!

In my spare time I enjoy lifting weights, going to the beach, and spending time with my family and friends whether it be playing board games or meeting for a cup of tea. My true passion lays in helping people learn how they can be in a position to where they are living life to their highest potential. I feel like we are all here for a reason and when the body is stressed and in pain you forget why you are here. Let’s get you on track for being healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually so you can dream again!

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