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Relieve Back Pain with These 4 Tips for Proper Sitting Posture

Relieve Back Pain with These 4 Tips for Proper Sitting Posture


Do you slump over your computer keyboard or slouch when watch TV on the couch at night? While poor posture may not seem like a serious issue, when it becomes second nature, poor posture can increase the risk for back and neck pain. For example, if you lean forward to see your computer screen or reach the keyboard, you may be straining your cervical spine, which can cause neck pain and damage the spinal structure. Learning the proper ways to sit at work during the day can help improve sitting posture and help alleviate back and neck problems.

Learn the Proper Ways to Sit at Work for Better Posture

Below, Dr. Pettet shares his top tips for sitting correctly and comfortably while at work.

#1: Distribute weight evenly.

 When sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods, align the ears, shoulders and hips in one vertical line. Adjust the chair height so your feet are flush on the floor and the chair supports your back.

#2: Use ergonomic props for increased support.

 Footrests, portable lumbar back supports, or even a small pillow can help eliminate lower back strain and make a big difference for your overall comfort. Many of these ergonomic props are inexpensive and they can make a huge difference when it comes to back pain relief!

#3: Arrange your workspace for maximum comfort.

 Position your computer screen so that your natural, resting eye position falls on the middle of the screen and you can easily read any text without straining the neck or tilting the head forward. The same goes for your keyboard and your phone – you should easily be able to reach these items without straining.

#4: Get up and move.

 Even with proper support, sitting for long periods can become uncomfortable. Set a timer to remind yourself to get up every hour to stand, stretch and take a five minute walk around your office.

Proper sitting posture is essential to maintaining correct spinal alignment. Could you improve sitting posture for less back pain or neck pain?

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